What an incredible day at the UKDFBA UK championships.

My absolute favourite show iv ever competed in, a world class experience & memories that will last a lifetime. As always run like clockwork, a real sense of prestige & camaraderie amongst the athletes, with those extra touches that make these events so special.

I came away in 2nd place in the Pro men's category which is actually the lowest placing iv ever had in my respective class, however... I am very happy with the improvements made, & have NEVER been hungrier for more.

Of coarse its a competition, and 1st place is always the aim, but the #1 goal is to be BETTER and that is what I brought.

This is the first time I haven't had to make a weight and one of the biggest lessons learnt from this weekend, is not to be afraid to eat up a little more into a show.

After the contest I allowed 1 "free" meal on the Saturday night once home, back to the regular contest diet Sunday morning.

Now with 2 weeks to go until the PNBA World Championships in Romania, the goal is to come in with the same extreme conditioning, possibly being slightly leaner just by being in a deficit for another 2 weeks, and eat up well into the show without any stress.

Really only the next 10 days or so of prep will be dedicated to fat loss, the last few days will be enhancing the final look.

I began with a very low volume leg session the day after the show, this will enable me to time my final leg session 7 days before stepping on stage, giving my quads more time to recover, it was evident, I struggled to stay on my legs whilst posing, so lesson learnt.

Sunday 17th - Low volume Leg session with AJ & Loz

after warmups - every set to failure or beyond.

X1 adductor - stack 11 reps

X1 seated leg curl - stack 8 reps + 2 forced

X1 hack squat - 160kg 7 reps +1 forced

X1 leg press - 360kg 13 reps

X1 leg extension - stack - 8 reps +2 forced

X2 standing calf raise - stack 9 reps, 3/4 stack - 20 reps

X2 hanging leg raises - 20-25 reps

the days in which i train for the next week and a half will be a little irregular, but this is the sprint finish, getting the job done, and a week on Thursday team UK will be flying to Bucharest, Romania to show the world what we can achieve.

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