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Offseason week 2 -

2 weeks into the offseason & I have enjoyed a few off plan meals this week. As a result I feel another step closer to "normal" . Weight is sitting 10lb above stage weight & I feel this has accelerated the recovery process further. Strength is on the up & fatigue is a long distant memory.

As I only want to add another 4lb or so before maintaining my weight for the offseason, I will plan just 1 weekly untracked meal per week, the remainder of the time I will follow my meal plan as set out. Something I overlooked in previous post show periods, was the importance of designing a meal plan that not only works for you, but one you ENJOY. The last thing you will want to do post show is eat foods you don't enjoy in an OCD like manner. Here is how I set out each days eating at current, slightly more varied that the last few weeks, with the same efficiency and effectiveness.

Breakfast- eggs-oats-berries

snack- protein bar-apple

Lunch- chicken-rice-vegetables

Post workout - whey-dextrose-banana

Dinner- chicken-rice-vegetables

pre bed- casein-oats-nut butter

supplements - creatine, multivit, fish oil, pre workout.

calories are 3000kcals on average (a little higher on training days, a little lower on rest days.)

steps are a non-negotiable 10k minimum & have averaged 14k daily this week.

Training is gaining momentum & recovery between sessions is noticeably improving, with much better pumps in the gym & better strength endurance.

Monday 8th November - Quads/Calves/Abs


SSB squat - 160kg 8,7 - focusing on keeping this "quad dominant"

Leg press - 400kg 11,9 - slow negatives & a smooth press staying on the quads

single leg extension 47.5kg 12,10RP3RP2


Standing calf raise - 200kg 9,8

Seated calf - 85kg 13,11RP2RP2


Cable crunch 52.5kg 15,15

Hanging leg raises BW - 20,20

Wednesday 10th November - Chest/Delts/Triceps


Incline DB press - DB's - 9,6 (much better control than previous week)

seated HS chest press - 115kg 8,7

seated cable flye - X2 22kg 15,12RP3RP2


DB laterals 22kg 15,12 - keeping these strict really nail the delts, totally fatigued by here

1 arm cable lateral 10kg - 14,11RP2RP2


Weighted Dips + 60kg 10,8

tricep extension machine - stack+20kg - 11,8RP2RP2

Friday 12th November - Back/Hamstrings/Biceps


Deadlifts - 205kg 5, 180KG 10

Neutral weighted pullups - +20kg 10,8

seated row 115kg 12,10

bent over laterals - 25kg DB's - 15,15


seated leg curl 110kg 10,8

single leg curl 55kg 12,10RP3RP3


incline DB curls 15kg DB's - 12,9

machine preacher curls - pin #5 12,10RP3RP2

By new year, ill be totally recovered (MUCH sooner than in 2018), sitting at my new offseason weight, 1 stone over stage weight & strength will be an all time high, ready to progress to new heights in the new year. The work for next years Natural Olympia is happening right NOW.

Watching Team UK make their mark on this years Natural Olympia was awesome, a real statement & showed the world just how dominant we are as a country, an amazing bunch of people I am fortunate enough to spend time with. Next year ill be on that pro stage much improved & want to make team UK proud.

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