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With the "offseason" well underway my weight has settled around 12lb or so above stage weight, food is high, training performance is increasing each week and things now become nice and predictable.

As my offseason updates become a little more "boring" gaining tiny amounts of weight, and adding a rep here and there in the gym, ill share my thoughts or "ramblings" on certain subjects each week until prep comes around again.

This week's subject is regarding LIMITING MINDSET.

Something I have been guilty of until fairly recently, as a natural bodybuilder we often place limitations on our own ability to excel & progress. Granted we cant expect to progress as quick as our assisted brothers and sisters, but we often use that as an excuse to take our foot off the gas in the all important "offseason".

bodybuilder A - trains like a mad man and diets hard to get in condition for a show, he kills himself, so gains tonnes of weight straight into the offseason, although training hard, he doesn't track all his variables and just goes to the gym, tears it up, does what he's good at and ignores what he's not so good at. Contest prep rolls around, he has 30-40lb to lose & diets for 6-7-8 months to dial it in, he feels drained during the end of prep, loses strength (and muscle) then he steps onstage 1-2lb heavier and that's progress right? he's content as "natural bodybuilders can only gain a pound or 2 per year" he gets fat and repeats the process over and over again.

bodybuilder B - after getting in condition for a show, has the exact same mindset with the offseason, recovers well from the show gaining 10-15lb of bodyfat and maintains a healthy body and relationship with food along with a progressive and smart approach to training (including his weak points which he wont ignore and put down to "bad genetics"), he allows himself to relax at social occasions, yet enjoys the focus and discipline that comes with excelling at his chosen "sport". Prep comes around again, with only 10-15lb to lose, he can get in shape with a steady 3-4 month diet, he maintains and actually BUILDS strength going into the show, and only the last week or 2 really feels the diet "bite" as the bodyfat gets really low. He rocks up on stage 5lb heavier, making more than TWICE the amount of progress that other natural bodybuilders make, just because his mindset was focused on being smart vs being a mere "natural".

In the past I have been bodybuilder A, lets all be more like bodybuilder B - a master of his trade ALL IN!

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