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My Approach

Updated: May 27, 2021

My way of Training & dieting seems a little unorthodox, but it's an accumulation of years of trial & error, successes & failures.

I have learnt I respond best to heavy, basic & infrequent workouts performed progressively over a period of time. I have trained this way for the last decade & still continue to make great progress from season to season.

Here is a basic overview of my Training & Nutrition:


  • I train just 3 days per week, on non consecutive days, to allow maximum recovery between sessions

  • I use a low set volume (4 sets for small & 6-8 sets for large muscle groups)

  • each set it taken to positive failure with good execution & a full ROM

  • I log and aim to progress all of my lifts each session (progressive overload)

  • I predominantly use basic compound exercises & free weights.

  • I perform the most demanding exercises & train the largest muscle groups at the beginning of each session.

I have used many training splits over the years, Full body/Upper Lower/3 way splits. These all have their place, but currently I feel I can give the most focus and intensity with a 3 way split.

Monday - Legs & Abs (after 2 days resting at the weekend)

Wednesday - Chest & arms (lagging biceps can be trained fresh after chest)

Friday - Back & shoulders (strongest body parts at the end of the week)

for cardiovascular training, I have never been a fan of purposeful low intensity "calorie burning" cardio. I keep track of my activity (steps) and make sure I'm active everyday (10k+ steps) - most days I far exceed this, working in the fitness industry, performing personal training sessions & HIIT classes. I have in the past used HIIT cardio sessions (bike or X-trainer sprints) but find although great for general fitness, they really hinder my recovery between sessions & that effort and energy could better be used to hit the muscles directly So now I save my intensity for the weights & allow calorie control & general activity to control my weight.


Much like training, I choose to use a simplistic approach when it comes to nutrition, I'm looking for sustainability & need the nutrition aspect to work WITH my busy schedule and not against it.

  • I eat 3 regular meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) & drink 3 protein shakes between them.

  • to maintain my offseason weight of 83kg (about 15-20lb over stage weight) I consume 200g protein 400-450g carbs 60g fat & allow off plan meals at social events (usually 1-2 per week)

  • I allow 20 weeks "contest prep" to get into shape for competitions. This will be for the first show of the year if there are multiple shows.

  • I drink 4L water minimum each day

  • my base "diet" contains lots of healthy nutritious food & although repetitive doesn't feel restrictive.

Here is a typical days diet - Iv left portion sizes out but my main meals are pretty big, with shakes in between to bridge the gap between meals. Iv included the few supplements I take, again only the basics are used & I have used them for years with great results.

Breakfast- eggs-oats-berries-creatine-multivitamin-fish oil

mid morning- protein drink-apple

Lunch- chicken-sweet potato-vegetables-multivitamin-fish oil

mid afternoon - protein drink-banana (+ dextrose if post workout)

dinner- chicken-sweet potato-vegetables-multivitamin-fish oil

before bed- protein drink-nuts

its very basic but I enjoy all my meals & its very simple to prepare & eat on the go.

I exclusively use Body&Fit supplements.

From here I will be blogging every aspect of my prep to the 2021 PNBA Natural Olympia, the above is the approach I will use, I will update this blog weekly with progress pictures, training sessions & how I manipulate my nutrition to keep getting leaner as I get closer to the shows.

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