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9 weeks out

With 9 weeks to go at 171lb, things are starting to feel very much reminiscent of my last contest prep, energy is fairly low, fatigue is setting in & simply tasks start to have a little more "effort". This is completely normal however in the last couple of months of a prep & I feel now is the perfect time to be feeling the strain a little. Not 12-16 weeks out like I have in the past.

This week of training has been fantastic & although I needed a little more effort to push the heavier exercises, performance has been fantastic & recovery like clockwork.

I had a fantastic time on Saturday at the UKDFBA posing workshop, coaching new & experienced bodybuilders how to present themselves on stage, even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. After a few hours of coaching, I got in an "extra" push workout to finish a great day. I'm contemplating adding this day into the mix, as long as it doesn't impact recovery from my already solid training regime, I find those muscle groups do recover quicker than legs/back, but now isn't the time to add extra systematic fatigue, so I will be monitoring carefully.

Monday 9th August- Quads/Calves/Abs

Safety Bar squat - 170kg 8,6

Leg press (paused) 370kg 12,10,9

single leg extension 50kg 13,11,9RP3RP3

standing calf raise - 200kg 13,11

seated calf raise - 100kg 12,10RP3RP2

hanging leg raises - 5kg 15,15,15

Wednesday 11th August Chest/delts/triceps

incline bench 110kg 7, 100kg 9

flat Hammer strength press - 120kg 7, 100kg 10

incline DB flye X2 35kg 9,7RP3RP2

DB laterals - X2 25kg 15,12,10RP3RP2

close grip swiss bar press - 100kg 9,6

tricep extension machine - stack+20kg 11,8RP3RP1

Friday 13th August - Back/hamstrings/Biceps

deadlift 200kg 9,6

weighted pullups +25kg 10,8,7

seated mag row 120kg 12,10,8RP3RP3

seated leg curl - 115kg 10,8,6RP3RP1

DB curls 25kg 10,8

cable curls 35kg 15,10RP2RP1

Saturday 14th - Chest/delts/Triceps

decline bench 130kg 7, 120kg 8

chest press machine - 140kg 6, 120kg 7

pek flye machine - stack 14,10RP4RP3

seated lateral machine 65kg 10, 50kg 12, drop 35kg 10

weighted dips +60kg 8,6

pushdowns - 45kg 12,10RP3RP2

nutrition has also changed slightly, and frequently swapping out protein shakes & fruit for chicken & rice/vegetables just for satiety, digestion. Macros are unchanged, the high activity levels are taking care of the rate of loss for now. frequently hitting 20k steps per day, averaging 14-16k most days.

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