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8 weeks out

8 weeks out - 171lb (same as last week) - but feeling slightly leaner & starting to see the offseason graft peeping through the last few pounds of bodyfat. The aim is to lose 3-4lb in the next 4 weeks and see how far I am from there, if I'm pretty much there I can coast into the show, if i need to drop food for the last month to pull in contest conditioning then so be it.

The above picture shows 3 years of basic leg workouts coming to fruition. Simply a progressive and fairly low volume approach, rarely more than 6 sets for quads and 4 for hamstrings & calves, if performed well, will yield great results.

The photo on the left was my last contest day, shredded, but small and flat, at 72.8kg , right was today, with 8 weeks left and 77.5kg. Things are looking promising. Although I'm craving no food at all (due to the nature of prep this time around) I will add in refeeds to help coast the right amount of fat loss without repeating old habits and just getting "lighter".

This week of training has been fantastic, after quads I gave hamstrings a good hit as I only have 3 sessions of training this week (long working weekend.)

Monday - legs

X2 squats 170kg 8,6

X2 leg press 390kg 10,8

X2 leg extension 105kg - 12,8RP3RP2

X2 stiff leg deadlift - 160kg 10,9

X2 seated leg curl - 112.5kg - 11,8RP3RP3

X2 standing calf raise - 200kg 12,10

X2 seated calf raise - 90kg 15,10RP3RP3

Wednesday- chest/arms/abs

X3 incline bench - 120kg 5, 100kg 10,9

X3 flat DB press - 50kg 11,10,7

X2 DB curl 25kg 11,9

X2 machine preacher curl #6 - 12,10RP2RP1

X3 weighted dips +60kg 9,8,6

X2 overhead cable extension - 35kg 12,10RP3RP2

X3 hanging leg raises - 7.5kg 15,12,12

Friday- back/shoulders

X2 deadlift - 210kg 6,5

X2 weighted Pullups +20kg 11,8

X2 1 arm DB row 62.5kg - 12,10

X2 V bar pulldown 95kg 11,8RP3RP1

X2 seated bb press - 90kg 7,6

X2 DB laterals 22.5kg 15,13

X2 reverse pek dek 40kg 15,12RP3RP2

I always perform better in the gym with that sense of urgency, without the extra sets or sessions to rely on. Next week, ill be sure to do slightly less volume on my Wednesday's session. A busy weekend & week ahead, activity will be high, and no doubt be floating around 170lb by next weekend at 7 weeks out.

I love this split and training style, if I had to train this way for the future id be more than happy.

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