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7 weeks out

169.5lb this week and no surprise with the slightly bigger drop. Work has been very busy and productive, PTing more than ever & rarely see less than 18-20k steps each day. This has been a huge factor in me keeping food high throughout this prep. Things feel very similar to being on 2500kcals last time around, most days now are a challenge & things are getting closer each week.

Upper body is nearly ready, lower a good 4-5 weeks behind, so on schedule to bring me best in 7 weeks time.

Nutrition changes this week - when I can, I have an extra chicken-sweet potato-veg meal instead of shakes for that day, this helps digestion and satiety & feel much better doing this. If busy with back to back clients, a shake & fruit is quick and convenient.

Training this week has been fantastic & much better than at this weight last time around, some lifts 20kg+ stronger than 2018 prep when the goal was simply to get as diced as possible, keeping strength and fullness is helping training so much more.

4 sessions this week, as a big gap between Saturday morning clients, made sense to split my push workout up.

Mon - 23/8/21 - quads/calves/abs

X2 squats 175kg 6,5

X3 leg press 400kg 8,7 360kg 12

X3 single leg extension 50kg 12,11,9RP3RP2

X3 calf press - stack+20kg 15,12,10

X2 seated calf - 90kg 15,12RP3RP3

X3 hanging leg raises 7.5kg 15,15,12

Wed 25/8/21 - chest/biceps

X2 decline bench 130kg 7, 120kg 9

X2 hammer strength chest press 120kg 7, 110kg 7

X2 incline hammer strength press 100kg 9,7

X2 pek dek 60kg 12,10RP3RP2

X2 DB curls 30kg 8, 25kg 10

X2 cable curls 42.5kg 11,9

X2 machine preacher curls #6 11,8RP3RP2

Fri 27/8/21 - back/hamstrings

X2 deadlift 210kg 5, 200kg 8

X2 weighted pullups +25kg 8, +15kg 12

X2 seated row 125kg 9, 115kg 10

X2 single arm HS pulldown 45kg 12,11RP3RP2

X2 lying leg curl 60kg 10,8

X2 single leg curl 55kg 12,10RP3RP3

Sat 28/8/21 - shoulders/triceps

X2 high incline bb press 110kg 6, 100kg 8

X2 DB laterals 22.5kg 15,12

X2 single arm cable lateral 7.5kg 15,11

X2 reverse pek dek 45kg 15,12

X3 weighted dips +77.5kg 7, +60kg 9, +40kg 15

X2 overhead cable extension 35kg 12,11

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