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6 weeks out

169.5lb this morning again & a very productive week of training.

at 6 weeks out, I can really see the hard work that has accumulated over the last few years since being on stage. Those micro increments & early morning sessions all paying off now.

nutrition is not varied at all at this stage and really enjoying eating more like a "bro" and definitely feel this will be my path forward going into the offseason this year.

basic structure

m1- protein blend-oats-blueberries-creatine-multivit-fish oil

m2- chicken-sweet potato-green beans

m3- chicken-sweet potato-green beans

m4- pre- cyclic dextrin PWO - whey-cyclic dextrin-banana

(on off days this is a protein flapjack and banana)

m5- chicken-sweet potato-green beans

m6- protein blend-almonds

very dogmatic looking at it here, but really enjoy this set up, plenty of carbs, enough protein & fats & maintaining a small deficit. Steps remaining very high, with sometimes 15hr days at work, 20K+ is a frequent occurrence. This time around lowering carbs to my normal level would be a big mistake, I'm running flat most days & can really tell I'm digging into the last few pounds of bodyfat now. Ill be ready in 5 weeks to implement a relaxed "peak week" to bring my all time best in 6 weeks.

along with more of a "bro" diet, training on more of a "bro" split feeling very much like the way forward for me also.. who would have thought it!

Training this week-

splitting my upper body work into an extra session is helping my strength especially on shoulder/arm work as I'm relatively fresh going into these, even with less gas in the tank than the offseason, and must admit really enjoying the X4 per week frequency. As long as recovery allows I will keep this structure. This week I opted for less exercises with an extra set added for the bigger lifts. Loved each session, a real challenge!

Monday 30.8.21 - Quads/Calves/Abs

Squats - 172.5kg - 6,5,5,4 - core notably weaker now waist is smaller - we crack on regardless

Leg press - 360kg 12,10,9 - deep controlled reps, improved ROM , hams to calves

leg extension - 80kg 15,13,10 - finished the quads nicely!

calf hip press - 240kg - 15,12,11

seated calf raise - 85kg 15,13,10

hanging leg raises - 7.5kg 15,15,12

totally wiped out after this, spaced out & satisfied I'm doing what is necessary to be my best.

Tuesday 31.8.21 - Chest & Biceps

Bench press - 130kg 6,5,4,4 - doing everything I can to hold strength, some low rep work needed for me.

incline hammer strength press 105kg 10,8,7

machine flye - 60kg 13,11,9

dumbell curls X2 27.5kg - 10,8,7

machine preacher curl pin #5 - 12,10,9

chest and arms nicely blown up, tough after a leg day, but no decrease in strength & 2 rest days always follow.

Friday 3.9.21 - back & hamstrings

deadlift - 210kg 5, 200kg 5,4 190kg 6

weighted pullups +15kg 12,10,9 - normal pronated grip, weaker but back hit very well

seated row - 120kg 12,9,8 - every set, every rep getting the absolute most "feel"

V bar pulldown - 90kg 11,9,6 - back (and biceps) totally exhausted

seated leg curl - 105kg 11,9,7

single leg curl- 55kg 14,12,10

Saturday 4.9.21 - Shoulders & triceps

high incline bb press - 105kg 6,5,5,4 - love this angle for the front delts & upper chest

lateral raises - X2 25kg 14,11,10

reverse pek dek - 50kg 12,9,7

weighted dips +60kg 10,8,7 - feeling very strong on these whilst lighter in bodyweight

tricep extension machine - stack 14,12,9

my type of training, heavy, accurate, intense, progressive!

already looking forward to what next week brings, things are getting interesting now!

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