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5 weeks out

Things are hotting up now, feel very much pushed to the limit now, training performance is hanging on in there with everything I have, fatigue is very high with my current workload, sleep is disrupted & food focus is extremely high. All very normal "symptoms" that my bodyfat levels are getting close. A necessity without any way of totally avoiding. I'm glad I didn't grow up in the era of 0 carb diets & lots of fasted cardio, a recipe for disaster!

weighing in at 168.8lb now with evident fat loss in my hamstrings/glutes. Upper body is ready now, only a slight increase in fullness will enhance the look there. The last 4-5lb or so will be all lower body to bring the complete package.

Nothing will change in my approach, simply just keeping on with what has worked so far, with a drop in food if I feel i have stalled in condition for a week or so (hasn't happened yet)

this week of training has been very challenging, squats & deadlifts feeling pretty unstable with a smaller waist & looser weight belt, we push on regardless, being smart with loading of coarse, heavy but not dangerous.

Monday 6.9.21


squats 170kg 6,5

leg press 380kg 12,10,9,8

leg extensions - 90kg 15,11,9RP3RP2

calf hip press - 200kg 15,13,12

seated calf 90kg 15,15,12

cable crunches 55kg 20,18,15

Tuesday 7.9.21


Bench press - 130kg 6,4

incline HS press X2 55kg 10,8,7

seated cable flye X2 20kg 15,14,11

DB curls X2 25kg 12,10,9

machine preacher curl #6 15,12,11

Friday 10.9.21


deadlift (deadstop) - 210kg 5, 185kg 9,7

Pullups - BW 15,13,11,10

chest support T bar row - 70kg 12,9,8RP3RP2

seated leg curl 110kg - 12,10,8,7RP2RP2

Saturday 11.9.21


high incline bb press 105kg 7, 100kg 8,6

1 arm machine lateral - 30kg 12,10,8

reverse pek dek - 50kg 12,10,9

weighted dips +80kg 5, +60kg 9, drop +40kg 6, drop +20kg 6 Drop BW 9

tri extension machine - stack 15,13,11,10

all in all, getting the job done & content whatever the outcome to the contest season, I have given my all. Still work to do.

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