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4 weeks out

at 4 weeks out, virtually ready & in reality could be ready in 3 weeks, the priority is keeping training heavy & intense whilst maintaining this small deficit.

Activity at an all time high, averaging 18-19k steps per day, the challenge is going into training feeling fresh after sometimes 15k+ steps. Either way, pushing good numbers still for me & work has never been more productive.

bodyweight is 168lb now & hamstrings/glutes nearly "in". At this stage, its very important to keep an eye on pushing too hard, the inevitable flatness is pretty constant at this stage, only after upper body workouts does a glimpse of "full" appear. Legs are constantly empty, the plan is to be ready 7-10 days early & with an increase in carbohydrates/ reduction in activity, fullness will return all over without any bodyfat.

This weeks training very testing & each session a real mental battle, needing longer to warmup & get mentally ready to attack each session. We got in 4 excellent & progressive sessions regardless & 1 week closer to being my best.

13/9/21 - Quads/Calves/Abs

squats 170kg 5,5,5,5,5 152.5kg 10,10,10,10 110kg 20,20,20 - totally dead

(not the usual plan but wanted to just go at these today & glad I did, this is my way of giving my all, when I really didn't think it was there.)

calf hip press - 220kg 14,12,10,9,7RP3RP2

Cable crunch - 52.5kg 15,15,15,15

14/9/21 - Chest/Biceps

Incline DB press X2 55kg 7,6 X2 50kg 8,6

HS chest press 120kg 7,6

high incline DB flye X2 30kg 12,10RP3RP2

EZ curls - 50kg 15,12,10,9

1 arm machine curl - 40kg 15,13,11

16/9/21 - Back/hamstrings

Deadlift (deadstop) 190kg 6,5 185kg 7,6 (felt heavy but great with the deadstops)

Pullups +10kg 15,12,10,7

chest support row 80kg 9, 60kg 12,9,8

seated leg curl 110kg - 12,10,9,7RP3RP3

17/9/21 - shoulders/triceps

high incline bb press - 110kg 7, 100kg 8,6

1 arm lateral machine - stack 12,10,9,8

reverse pek dek - 50kg 15,12,9

weighted dips +60kg 10,8,7,6 drop +40kg 6, drop +20kg 6, drop BW (paused) 8

tricep extension machine - stack 15,14,11

all in all a good week of training albeit very challenging. I love these last few weeks of prep & feel you learn/gain more from this than a whole offseason, we find out how much we are really made of & have the chance to really build mental muscle.

looking forward to being at the UKDFBA heart of England tomorrow, meeting up with good friends & meeting some new faces also.

4 weeks tomorrow - its go time!

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