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3 weeks out

After a fantastic weekend, helping out at the Heart of England, meeting new people & catching up with the UKDFBA family, I went into this week with a little more fire & appreciation of this journey. We are at the stage in prep now, that really tests mentally. It doesn't matter if your new or experienced, when your pushing to an extreme, it takes some real grit to keep moving forward.

mentally I am really enjoying pushing myself to a new level to bring my best, physically I'm doing everything possible to keep hold of strength/muscle & keep fat loss running simultaneously. Sleep is really suffering now, with me being awake for 1-2 hours in the middle of most nights, waking up ready for the day before my alarm at 4am, and feeling very beat up by evening, but this is totally normal at this bodyfat % and I just remind myself 1) this is my choice 2) its not supposed to be easy 3) this isn't forever, so appreciate the hard days.

another drop of 0.8lb this week, and sitting at 167.2lb - with 2-3lb of fat to come off my hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Training has been very enjoyable and "all out" as always, with the thought process of "not many more chances to train before the big day" a sense of urgency with every session.

Monday 20th sept - quads/calves/abs

squats - 172.5kg 5,5,5,5,4 - really enjoying the 5X5's a real test both mentally and physically.

pendulum squat - 90kg 12,10,9,8

single leg extension 45kg - 15,13,10RP3RP3

standing calf - 160kg 15,13,12,10

seated calf 80kg 18,15,12

cable crunch - 52.5kg 15,15,15

Tuesday 21st sept - chest/biceps

Incline DB press - X2 55kg 5,5,5,5,4 - so nearly got 5 on the final set.

HS chest press - 120kg 7, 100kg 10,8,6RP2RP1

seated cable flye - X2 20kg 15,14,11

DB curls - X2 25kg 12,10,9,8

preacher machine curl #6 13,11,9

Friday 24th - back/hamstrings

Deadlift - (dead stop) 190kg 5,5, 187.5kg 5, 185kg 5,5 (bracing a real issue, we crack on)

Pullups +15kg 12,10,9,7,6 drop BW 6

chest support row - 75kg 9,8,7 60kg 12 (chest support at this stage as core dead after deads.)

seated leg curl 115kg 10,8 100kg 14,11,9RP2RP1

Saturday 25th - shoulders/triceps

seated smith press - 102.5kg 5,5,5,5,5 - just got the last set - 10sec last set!

1 arm lateral raise - 25kg 15,15,15,15

reverse pek dek - 45kg 15,13,11

weighted dips +80kg 6, +60kg 9,7,6 triple drop (+40/+20/bodyweight)

tricep extension machine - stack 15,12,11

steps have averaged 18k each day this week, pretty standard for the last few months.

food is unchanged & seem to be burning through food & much hungrier between meals, body is really adapted to just a few food choices & digesting really well.

On we go to the final few weeks, very close to my goal to bring my best ever balance of size, fullness, conditioning and when that goal is ticked I will be happy to let the chips fall where they may, my work will be done.

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