20/24 weeks out - Prep begins!

Updated: May 28, 2021

I begin this blog at 20 weeks out from the UKDFBA Pro International & 24 weeks from the PNBA Natural Olympia. This is How things are currently at my offseason weight of 83KG.

For the next 6 months I will document my journey to the biggest natural bodybuilding show on the planet. I will be totally transparent with my training, nutrition, supplementation, feelings & challenges along the way.

It has been 3 years since I stepped offstage after winning the 2018 WNBF Pro lightweight world title & although I had no immediate goals, I haven't missed a meal or training session, my "offseason" has been totally dedicated to progression. Iv been lucky enough to have a lot of guidance from some amazing people in the industry & what you'll see on this journey is an accumulation of knowledge & experiences from those people.

Here is a picture from my last contest at 72.5kg & the goal is simple PROGRESS.

28.5.21 was my final Training session of the "Offseason", not my conventional "low volume" training, as trained with a friend, at a different gym, the goal was to hit a couple of PB's, have fun and see out a productive offseason. Here's how it went.

Back & Shoulders-

5min Xtrainer warmup


deadlift - 4 warmup sets 60-100-140-170k

180kg X19 (so nearly 20) PB

210kg X6

Pullups - Bodyweight - 15,12,11,10

seated row - 80kg 15,12,12 100kg 6, drop 75kg 6, drop 50kg 12


seated Hammer strength press - 120kg 10 (PB) ,7,6,5 drop 80kg 5, drop 40kg 5

wide cable upright row - 35kg 15,14,13,12

18 total sets, back & shoulders were DONE

(video is the first working set of the day - deadlift 180kg X19)

29.5.21 I had my final "off plan" meal of the offseason. Now everything I eat for the next 24 weeks will be planned with the end goal as the focus.

From 30.5.21 & for the entire prep, there will be no off plan meals, and the below diet will be used & skimmed from to get into contest condition.

Here's my week 1 diet- the goal is to lose 1lb of bodyfat each week, I will skim away calories when needed to keep the bodyfat coming off.

- 4L+ water each day

- pre workout (ripped pre workout by body&fit) 30mins before each session.

breakfast- 4 eggs-100g oats-200g berries-5g creatine-1g fish oil-multivitamin

mid am- 1 scoop whey-1 apple

lunch- 150g chicken-500g sweet potato-200g vegetables-1g fish oil-multivitamin

mid pm - 1 scoop whey-1 banana (+50g dextrose if post workout on training days)

dinner- 150g chicken-500g sweet potato-200g vegetables-1g fish oil-multivitamin

before bed- 1 scoop whey-30g nuts

in conjunction with the above diet I will perform a minimum of 10K steps each day, this will be enough to illicit a response for the first week or 2 without any reductions.

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