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2 weeks out

2 weeks out now and pretty much ready, the goal was to be totally fat free with a week to go and at 166lb I would expect no more than 1lb of fat to come off here.

The last few days before the show will be focused on reducing any stress/inflammation to bring the total package, looking full, rested and totally conditioned.

This last week a few changes have been made, after seeing Lee Sunday, we were both in agreement, I was flat, inflamed & not recovering great from the current workload.


Training - back to the old faithful - 3 days per week on non consecutive days. I have done this for the last 10-12 years and guess my body is in tune with this style, I can't sustain 4 days per week without digging a little to hard into my recovery. This extra training coupled with prepping for a show, the busiest work schedule iv ever had & a young family, 3 days keeps things moving forward with an emphasis on recovery.

I also had a VERY large cheat meal Sunday night, and although I was a little sceptical of taking a big step back, I'm glad I did. Just 5 days after the 8-10,000kcal cheat meal (yes you read that right) I hit a new low in bodyweight/bodyfat, Iv had a fantastic and strong week of training, and maintained fullness for another week.

This has opened my eyes up as I have always seen cheat meals as an excuse to binge or fall off plan, but I guess when extremely lean they are a great tool to use, if they can be handled mentally. I must admit waking up bloated & watery Monday I was initially worried, but by the time I was training legs at 3pm I was strong, pumped and ready to smash the previous weeks numbers. By Thursday morning I was feeling flat and depleted again, and by Friday, a new low and superior conditioning to the previous week.

The last change I made this week, was to switch sweet potato for Jasmine rice, this is to reduce fibre content to a healthy level & reduce bloating... this has worked a treat & my waist has definitely tightened up with more "feel" during posing sessions. My weight belt on the tightest setting is now to loose to brace against. I take on a lot of fibre from oats/fruit/vegetables - having 300g carbs from sweet potato brought an extra 30-35g fibre, pushing my total to 60g+ a little to high, so now at 35-40g I feel great.

So with my week of training wrapped up by Friday (as normal again) here's how it went.

Monday 27th September (day after refeed) - quads/calves/abs

Squats - 170kg 7, 160kg 12

Leg press - 360kg 15,12,9,8,7

Single leg extension - 42.5kg 14,12,10RP3RP2

Standing calf - 180kg - 12,10,10,9,8 drop 150kg 7 drop 100kg 8

cable crunch - 52.5kg 15,15,15

very happy with that session, just went in and had fun, heavy weights, lots of solid work & felt totally done after.

Wednesday 29th September - Chest/Delts/Triceps

bench press - 127.5kg 6, 120kg 7

high incline DB press - X2 47.5kg 11,9,8,7

seated cable flye - X2 22kg 12,10,8RP3RP3

lateral machine (seated) 55kg 15,13,11,10RP3RP2

Weighted Dips +60kg 9,7,6

tricep extension machine - stack 15,12,11,9

again a great blend of heavy low volume & quality work for each muscle. Felt great across the upper chest/shoulders Exactly where I want to emphasise.

Friday 1st October - Back/Hamstrings/Biceps

Deadlift 200kg 5, 180kg 8

HS pulldown - 120kg 12,10,8,7

Chest support row - 60kg 12,10,9,7RP3RP3

bent over laterals X2 20kg 15,15,15

seated leg curl 105kg - 12,11,9,8+2 forced reps

Seated Bicep curl X2 15k 12,10,8

preacher machine curl - 60kg - 12,9,7RP3RP2

training the way I enjoy feels great....3 days heavy, intense, progressive, fun.

6 more training sessions between me and the stage... lets stay focused on the goal, bleed this dry & push for that next level. Bring on Monday

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