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19/23 weeks out - First week of prep

The first week of prep is complete & this is without a doubt the best I have looked and felt this far out from a show. I can already tell I am super responsive to any change & the body is wanting to get leaner.


So the only changes on the nutrition front are the elimination of weekly cheat meals. I had my last "off plan" meal Saturday evening with the family. Sushi, pancakes, cereal, sweets, a total of about 5000kcals and to my surprise I'm actually leaner and have dropped 1.5lb this week already. (sitting at 82.2kg) There will be no need to make any reductions to my base diet of 3000kcals for a couple more weeks at least until I have adapted to the current regime without cheat meals. I will be eating the same meals, day in, day out & find this approach the least demanding mentally when deeper into prep.

Iv been very active this week, as usual, steps can get above 20k whilst busy at work, and have averaged 15k daily across this week. No need for extra cardio when activity is so high, I doubt ill do any formal cardio at all during this entire prep. At most, on off days, walking a little more.


A fantastic week of training & I usually feel much stronger during the early stages of prep as food is at a nice level, I feel leaner and more athletic, recovery is quicker between sets and sessions & my body thrives from being in this "healthy" stage.

Monday: 31.5.21- Legs/Abs

I decided to see if I could match performance on the squat at 83kg that I did 10lb heavier.

5min X trainer warmup + 5 warmup sets of squats.

5X5 squat - 180kg 5,5,5,5,5 - last set was really tough but glad I still have this 5X5 at 4 plates.

X2 leg press - 440kg 12, 450kg 9

X2 pendulum squat 90kg 8, 80kg 12

X2 leg extension 80kg 15,12

X2 lying leg curl 65kg 10,7

X2 single leg curl 40kg 15,12

X2 standing calf raise 200kg 12,10

X2 seated calf raise 110kg 15,13

hanging leg raises 3X20

here's the first of 5 working sets of squats.

Wednesday - 2.6.21 - chest & arms

5 min Xtrainer warmup + 4 incline DB press warmups

X2 incline DB press X2 55kg 10,7

X2 flat bench press 100kg 12,9

X2 incline hammer strength press X2 50kg 11,8

X2 seated cable flye X2 22kg - 14,10 + drop set

X2 DB curls X2 27.5kg 11,8

X2 preacher machine curls - 40kg - 12,10 + drop set

X2 weighted Dips +60kg 9,7

X2 tricep extension machine - stack 15,13 + drop set

Friday - 4.6.21 Back & Shoulders

5min Xtrainer warmup + 4 deadlift warmups

X2 deadlift 210kg 8, 190kg 11

X2 weighted pullups (neutral grip) +40kg 6, +25kg 12

X2 chest support T bar row - 80kg 8, 60kg 12

X2 DY hammer row - 160kg 10,9

X2 seated barbell press - 100kg 7, 90kg 9

X2 lateral machine - 45kg 15,12

X2 reverse pek dek 55kg 9, 45kg 11

here's a video from the first set of pullups

A great week of training all round, I will continue to push my performance up & eventually fight it coming down also right until show time.

kcals still set at 3000 daily & if this week is anything to go by, I wont need to drop food for a while yet! Happy days!

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