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3 weeks into this process & the initial "bloat" of offseason has gone, looking slightly ahead of schedule & not at all reluctant to put the breaks on fat loss if I need to.

sitting now at 81kg & noticeably leaner than last week, a little "flatter" during the long active days at work, and this gives a better look post workout.

no changes in nutrition at all, enjoying every meal, very easy to stick to at 3000kcals per day & no diet fatigue setting in at all yet, in fact I'm sleeping less & recovering great from each session, hitting PB's still & feel healthier than ever. Had my Covid jab on Saturday, felt fine after & hit a PB on safety bar squats Monday.

averaged around 15-16k steps each day this week (some higher, some lower)

Here's my week of training, i train mostly on my own, but sometimes with mates/clients, so a variance in training sometimes, with the basics staying in tact always.

Monday 14th June- Legs/Abs

Safety bar squats - 5 warmups - 1 set 180kg X8 matching a PB but 5kg lighter in bodyweight.

pendulum squat - 80kg 12,10,10,10

single leg extension - 40kg 15,13,11

lying leg curl 65kg 10, 60kg 10, 55kg 10, 50kg 10,10 drop 25kg 10

calf press - 220kg 7, 180kg 15,13,12

hanging leg raises 7.5kg 15,15,15

got my mini win with the safety bar then went at it, intensity was sky high.

Wednesday 16th June - Chest/Arms

bench press 135kg 5,5,5,5,5 - new 5X5 PB for me, these felt strong after weeks of dumbells.

incline hammer strength 55kg per side - 12,10,9,7

pek dek machine 55kg - 15,13,11

dumbell curls - X2 25kg 10,9,8,8

preacher machine curl - #5 15,12,10 drop 10

weighted dips +60kg 8,7 +50kg 9, +40kg 10 drop +20k 8 drop BW 12

tri extension machine - stack - 15,12,11

very full and pumped by the end, strong all round for me, great connection on everything.

Friday 18th June - Back/Shoulders

deadlift - 220kg 6, 200kg 9

Pullups +20kg 9,8,6 BW 12,11

seated mag row - 100kg 15,12,11,10 (close mag felt amazing!)

seated smith - 100kg 6, 80kg 11

machine lateral 55kg 15,13,12,10

reverse pek dek 50kg 14,12 rest pause 4 rest pause 3

strongest deadlifts have been at this weight, although weren't the best reps, but still safe.

very happy with the personal bests, and daily execution of the plan, from experience I'm a little ahead of the game, don't want to be too lean to build muscle for to long, learning from last time.

If anyone has any requests of footage, subjects, topics etc you'd like see covered, feel free to contact me on here or on IG. I appreciate anyone following along!

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