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16/20 weeks out

weighing in at 80.5kg this morning - perfect rate of loss & another week without needing to reduce calories.

Being at this weight has solidified the need for me to stay leaner after this years shows. I see this all the time in clients & bodybuilders that are past that beginner/intermediate stages, the need to bulk up as a natural bodybuilder isn't really justified.

The goal once this year is complete, is to gain 10-15lb over stage weight & at that weight (where I am now) I can continue to gain strength whilst eating a good amount of food (3000-3500kcals, with the added bonus of being lean and healthy.

This week of training has been fantastic, with the added benefit of training with clients, sharing that passion, drive & grit with like minded people is great.

Monday 21st June - Legs/Abs

Trained with Will again as last week & we began with the barbell squat.

been running a little more volume for quads and they are responding well

squat 180kg X9 (as strong as 1 stone heavier, with better form)

hack squat 160kg 12,10,8,8

leg extension 80kg 15,12,10+ rest pause

lying leg curl 65kg 10, 60kg 11,10,8

donkey calf - 260kg 7, 220kg 15,15, 200kg 23

hanging leg raises - 10kg 12,12,12

Wednesday 23rd June - chest & arms

trained with client & friend Carl who hit PB;s nearly every set.

DB bench press X2 60kg 6, X2 50kg 12

incline smith 100kg 6, 90kg 8

incline HS press X2 55kg 7, X2 45kg 11

pek dek 55kg 15,12 + rest pause

DB curls X2 32.5kg 6, X2 27.5kg 11

machine preacher #2 15,12,10 + rest pause

Dips +65kg 7, +60kg 7, drop +40kg 7, +20kg 7, BW 11

tricep extension machine - stack+20kg 9,8,8 + rest pause

Friday 25th June - Back/Shoulders

deadlift 210kg 8, 180kg (deadstop) 8,8,8

Neutral Pullups +25kg 11,9,7

seated row (mag close grip) 120kg 12,10,9

wide pullups 15,12,10 +restpause

seated smith 90kg 9,8,7

single lateral machine 40kg - 15,14,13,12

reverse pek dek 40kg 15,12,9

I feel I am 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule and could be ready in as little as 13-14 weeks, which is all good and well as i have a fairly sociable few weeks ahead, including a friends wedding & 2 weekends away. Training, dieting, activity will remain, with the need to track & allow flexibility with food choices on 1 or 2 of those days. This is all apart of the journey & as a family man, long gone are the days of missing out on social events and making memories. I now realise I can meet my goals AND enjoy the journey, it just takes some planning & discipline.

lets keep pushing on!

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