15/19 weeks out

A busy, productive and FUN week ticked off.

Monday I travelled to Dino's gym Solihull to train with James, an online client and now friend, James has a sickening work ethic & we crushed legs, all captured by videographer Jake Maddox of Spectre Visuals.

The end of the week was spent celebrating Ed's stag do (ED & Olivia's wedding next week), Ed has been a very close friend since school & there's no way I would miss these celebrations. A weekend spent in Cardiff with lots of laughs. I have made sure I am a couple of weeks ahead of schedule so I can enjoy a few socials over the next couple of weeks, including the wedding & a weekend away with the family at the 13/17 week out mark.

With a little bit of planning and discipline, you can still make the progress you need AND enjoy precious time and memories with friends & family. I will however be tightening the screw slightly from the 12 & 16 week out mark and have nothing booked or planned between then and the shows, to make sure I am at my absolute best on the day, which is the ultimate goal regardless of placings.

weight is 177lb - and I plan on losing no more than 1lb over the next 3 weeks to ensure I pace this prep correctly and don't need to hang around in condition for more than a week or 2.

Monday 28th June - Legs (with James at Dino's)

Squats - 185kg 5, 140kg 15, 100kg 20,20,20 60kg 50

(I never usually go this high volume but this day we just went after the pain.)

Lying leg curl - 50kg 4X6-10


donkey calf raise - 200kg 4X8-12

seated leg curl 90kg 4X6-10


seated calf raise 100kg 4X8-12

cable crunch 45kg 3X15

June 30th Chest & arms (with Carl)

X2 decline bench 130kg 7, 120kg 9

X2 flat DB press 55kg 7, 50kg 8

X2 incline HS press 57.5kg 6, 50kg 11

X2 pek dek 60kg 12,10 rest pause 4 rest pause 2

X2 EZ curl 60kg 11,9

X2 seated DB curl 12.5kg 12,12

X1 machine preacher curl 30kg - 12 RP3 RP 2

X2 close grip smith 100kg 7, 80kg 11

X2 machine tricep extension - stack+20kg 14,10

X1 bodyweight dips (paused) 21RP11RP8

July 2nd Back&shoulders (with Ryan)

X2 deadlifts (paused) 205kg 6, 200kg 7

X2 Neutral pullups +30kg 8,7

X2 seated mag row 115kg 12,10

X2 1 arm HS pulldown 50kg 11,9

X2 1 arm HS chest support row 100kg 10,8RP3RP2

X2 seated smith press 102.5kg 6, 90kg 9

X2 1 arm machine lateral 25kg 12,11

X2 reverse pek dek 40kg 15,12

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