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14/18 weeks out

At 14 & 18 weeks out iv never been so out of shape (bare with me) ... with little experience in the past iv ALWAYS been ready early, 4,6,8 weeks & always lose muscle in that period of trying to hold contest condition.

at 176.5lb now I know I can be ready in 12 weeks if I "dropped the hammer" . Lee has drilled into me the importance of not over dieting and this year its really going to pay off, a far "easier" prep and a better rebound out once the season is done with. As a professional in this sport, I should be walking the walk AND talking the talk. I cant expect my clients to follow advice if I don't, so ill leave the "shreds" until its showtime.

so 0.5lb down this week as expected, and not going to lower my food for at least another 2 weeks, still eating 3,000kcals daily with no formal cardio.

steps averaged 16k each day this week, a little higher than i would like (work), but allows a little more food.

Training- this week, I have split my back & shoulder session into 2, so more of a "Dorian" split with my usual big lifts hit on the same days as usual.

Monday 5.7.21 - Legs

Squats - 180kg 8,6

pendulum squat 90kg 10,8,7

single leg extension - 50kg 12,10,8RP4RP3

Lying leg curl - 65kg 10,8,7

stiff leg deadlift -140kg 15,12,11

standing calf raises - 200kg 11,9,8

seated calf raises - 110kg 18,15RP4RP3

squats feeling strong at this weight, will make sure to push in the 10-15 rep range next week also. Pendulums giving a better ROM however.

Wednesday- 7.7.21 chest & arms

decline bench 130kg 9,6

incline DB press 55kg 7,6

HS chest press - 105kg 8,6

pek dek - 65kg 12,10RP3RP2

EZ curls - 62.5kg 9,8

preacher machine curl 30kg 9,7RP3RP2

close grip smith press - 100kg 7, 90kg 8

tri ext machine - stack+20kg 12,9RP3RP2

surprised with incline DB stability, felt as good as ever, much better than flat DB press last week.

Friday - 9.7.21 Back & abs

deadlift 200kg 8 (deadstop)

wide grip Pullups +20kg 8, bodyweight 15,12,11

seated row - 100kg 12,11,10

chest support row 75kg 15,12,10

pullover machine 75kg 11,9,8+3 forced reps

hanging leg raises - 20,20,20

dead stop deadlifts, sticking with these & the goal is 220kg X8 & 180kg X20 which will be all time PB's below 80kg

tomorrow (saturday) will be my extra session (shoulders & arms)

seated bb press 100kg AMRAP & 80kg AMRAP

1 arm machine lateral 25kg -4 sets

reverse pek dek 40kg - 3 sets

DB curls - 4 sets

rope hammer curls - 3 sets

dips - 4 sets

rope overhead extension - 3 sets

Sunday rest & enjoy celebrating ed & Liv's wedding

then head down for another week.

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