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13/17 weeks out

After experimenting with my 4 day split, it was obvious Monday morning, I was still fatigued and id be better served with 4 complete rest days.

I have made a couple of changes to my original split, to bias some weaker areas, and aid recovery

Monday- Quads/calves/abs

Wednesday- Chest/Delts/Triceps

Friday- Back/hamstrings/biceps

This week a small drop in weight, sitting at 176lb. Surprising as I enjoyed a lovely meal at Ed's & Olivia's wedding on Sunday night, I actually feel & look leaner than just 0.5lb down, so happy all round, I know I can be ready a week early as I have planned.

I have also changed my diet slightly (slightly less fat, more carbs, same calories) with an extra meal and less shakes, I'm definitely much fuller & its making the diet seem too easy, satiety is much better & i really enjoy all my meals. Its very "bro" with little variation, but must admit, much prefer this whilst in a deficit.

I haven't used any pre workout for 2-3 weeks & reduced coffee to 1-2 daily, feel great on this.

m1- protein-oats-blueberries-creatine-multivit-fish oil

m2- chicken-sweet potato-broccoli

m3- same as m2

m4- same as m3

m5- protein-oats-almond butter

pre- banana & strong black coffee

pwo- protein-dextrose

4L+ water daily

very easy to prep & adhere to, I don't want to be drinking calories multiple times per day whilst dieting. Offseason however, no problem.

Enjoyed a good amount of volume this week with my regular 3 days on my new split.

Monday 12th July - quads/calves/abs

5X5 squat 180kg 5,5,5,5,4 - felt great, heavy & nice to be using the 5X5 system again.

4X pendulum squat 85kg 10,9,8,8

3X single leg extension 45kg 15,12,10

4X standing calf 190kg 12,10,9,8

3X seated calf - 110kg 13,11,9

4X hanging leg raises - bodyweight 20,20,20,20

Wednesday 14th July - chest/delts/triceps

5X5 bench press 130kg 5, 125kg 5,5,5,4

4X 45' incline DB press 50kg 8, 45kg 8,7,6 (steeper incline to hit front delt also)

3X pek flye machine 55kg 14,12,10

4X single arm machine lateral - 25kg 15,14,13,12 (only direct delt exercise)

4X weighted dips +50kg 12,10,8,7

3X tricep extension machine - stack - 15,13,11

Friday 16th July - back/hamstrings/biceps

5X5 deadlift 210kg 5, 200kg 5, 190kg 5,5,5 (resetting each rep, kicking my ass! love it!)

4X weighted pullups - +20kg 14, +22.5kg 10,8,7

4X 1 arm DY row - 75kg 12,12,10,9

4X seated leg curl 117.5kg 12,10,8,7

4X DB curls 25kg - 11,9,7,6

3X preacher machine curl - pin #4 - 15,12,10

loved this training set up this week, for years o followed a powerlift 5X5 type routine & this is as strong as I have been at ANY weight, 18 months ago i topped the scales at 200lb, I'm stronger now than then & this excites me.

Next week i will be training mon-wed-thur as away on a long family weekend away down south. Food will be prepped, eaten as normal & I will enjoy the family time away, all boxes ticked & still loving life is what its about for me. To think I would have stressed about being "out of routine" not so many years ago. we live and learn!

nearly approaching the "magical" 12 week out mark, in the past, id be looking 4-6 weeks out here, I can happily say, I AM ON TRACK ... operation don't lose all my muscle is going to plan.

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