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The magic 12 week out stage is here. Although this "prep" has been going a few weeks, it really takes a turn at this point, as you get leaner, training takes a little more grit and focus. Hunger between meals is apparent daily & there are draggy times with energy most days, all apart of prep & signs things are moving well.

Happy with my condition at this stage & overall fullness at 79.4kg.

No change in kcals at all, just doing the work daily & still maintaining a small deficit.

Training this last week has been great, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday as went on a long overdue family weekend away to the coast. Feel totally recharged after lots of sun, walks & quality family time. Staying on plan was a breeze & I packed my food for 3 days in a cooler, simple!

Monday 19th July - Quads/Calves/Abs

Squats 180kg X5 (felt very heavy today) 170kg X8

leg press 440kg 11, 400kg 15,12RP5RP3 (rest pause)

single leg extension 50kg 10,7

standing calf 200kg 11,10

seated calf 100kg 12,10RP3RP2

hanging leg raises 7.5kg 12,12,12

Wednesday 21st July - Chest-Shoulders-Triceps

bench press 130kg 6, 120kg 7

incline DB press 50kg 9,7,6

flye machine 60kg 12,10 RP3RP2

1 arm machine lateral 25kg 15,13,11,10

weighted Dips +60kg 10,8 BW 35

tricep extension machine - stack +20kg 12,9RP3RP2

Thursday 22nd July - Back-Hamstrings-Biceps

deadlift 200kg X7 180kg X10 (dead stop feeling a little more natural)

weighted pullups +20kg 12,10 +30kg 6 BW 15

seated mag row 110kg 14,12,9RP3RP2

seated leg curl 115kg 10,8,7,6RP2RP1

seated DB curls 17.5kg 11,9

preacher machine curl #5 - 14,10RP3RP2

rope hammer curls 35kg 15,12

A fantastic week, prep doesn't need to be selfish & dogmatic, a little planning & you will enjoy this journey far more.

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