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11 weeks out

with weight hovering around the 173lb (78.5kg) mark, I feel upper body is within striking distance, likely ready in 5-6 weeks, with lower body 2-3 weeks behind. PERFECT. I have no intentions on staying truly stage ready longer than I have to.

As food focus is creeping up a little, I have included a little more variety into my diet this week (same macronutrients however) and enjoy my meals much more.

breakfast - eggs-oats-berries-creatine-fish oil-multi-vit D3-joint support

snack- protein flapjack-apple

lunch- turkey-sweet potato-salad-multi-fish oil

dinner- chicken-rice-vegetables-multi-fish oil

pre bed- protein blend-wholemeal bread-nut butter

if training day - pre - banana & strong coffee. pwo - whey-dextrose

Its crazy how less food focus can lead to less fatigue, hunger, cravings.

When the time comes (weight loss slows) I will drop the pre bed bread to keep things moving along.

Training this week has been fantastic after an extra days recovery (holiday last week)

my current split suits me very well & can put my focus and energy where I need it when I need it.

Monday 26th July - Quads/Calves/Abs

squats - 170kg 10,7 (170kg moving as good as ever)

hack squats - 3 sets 160kg 14,11,9

leg extension - 3 sets 100kg 12,10,8RP3RP2

standing calf - 4 sets - 200kg - 12,10,8,7RP3RP2

hanging leg raises - 3 sets 5kg 15,15,15

Wednesday 28th July - chest/delts/triceps (trained with Carl)

X2 decline bench 130kg 6+1, 122.5kg 7

X2 flat HS press 112.5kg 9,6

X2 incline DB flye 32.5kg 9,8RP3RP1

X2 seated lateral machine - 55kg 12,10

X2 1 arm cable lateral 12.5kg 12, 10kg 12RP2RP2

X2 weighted dips +65kg 8, +60kg 8

X2 tri ext machine stack+20kg 10,8RP2RP1

Friday 30th July - Back/hamstrings/biceps (dino's with ed)

X2 deadlifts 210kg 6, 200kg 6

X4 weighted pullups +25kg 9, +20kg 9, +15kg 9, +10kg 10RP3RP2

X4 1 arm plate loaded row (not hammer strength) - 40kg 12, 45kg 10. 50kg 8, 55kg 7RP3RP2

X4 seated ham curl - stack 15, stack+20kg 8,8,8RP3RP3

X4 bicep curl machine #8 12,9,8,7RP3RP2

a mix of top maximal sets & multiple heavy sets when things are feeling "on"

10 weeks I will be ready

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