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10 weeks out

after bodyweight dropping last week to 172lb at just under 11 weeks out, I know I started to creep ahead of schedule a bit more than planned.

Sunday, I had a higher kcal day/refeed to really put the brakes on weight loss & it worked a treat, I have regained any lost flatness & weight loss has been non existent this week. I also made sure I rested more in conjunction with this & used even less volume than usual. This goes against the temptation to really PUSH and dig to deep into a deficit. I need to be ready just before showtime, keeping any extra muscle mass is priority this time around, I am no longer the heaviest in my "class".

so this last week of training, I have focused on just 1 working set per exercise (after 2-3 feeler sets), still training hard but a definite deload/devolume compared to normal. I now feel fresh, with very little fatigue and ready to push for this next level over the next 10 weeks.

Monday- Quads/Calves/Abs

squats - 175kg X8

leg press 400kg X12

leg extension 100kg X15

standing calf 200KG X15

seated calf 100kg X12

hanging leg raises X25

Wednesday- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

bench - 130kg X6

high incline DB press 47.5kg X10

pek flye machine 60kg X12

1 arm lateral - 25kg X15, X12

weighted dips +60kg 10

tri ext machine stack+10kg 12

Friday- Back/hamstrings/biceps

deadlift - 200kg X9

neutral pullups +25kg X12

1 arm DY row 75kg X12

high HS row 120kg X15

seated leg curl 105kg 15,12

DB curl 25kg's X10

preacher machine curl 50lb X15

never felt in such a good position (not to lean) and strong at 10 weeks out, excited to really push this next couple of months.

back to regular training volume/intensity next week & expect to see changes weekly from here on.

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