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1 week out INBA/PNBA World championships

This week since the UKDFBA UK has been the biggest eye opener of the whole prep.

I have made a conscious effort to totally enjoy & be "present" with the prep, this in turn has lead to better sleep, less fatigue, stronger workouts in the gym, and a new level of excitement, enthusiasm & passion I honestly have NEVER felt.

I am 1 week away from beginning my offseason, and I am HUNGRY to progress and go again.

I feel incredibly lucky to AGAIN be apart of the UK team, have great friends in the UKDFBA team & share these incredible trips/memories with them. I want to represent them & do them proud.

My current bodyweight at 1 week out is 164.5lb - my contest weight being 165lb full on the day of the show. Ill likely lose another 0.5lb or so this next 4-5 days before eating at maintenance for 2 days leading into the show (and capping steps at 10k each day). Things are right on track to be my best.

steps have been capped at 15k everyday ... something iv learned this prep & will be implementing next, just because its not "cardio" doesn't mean it doesn't impact strength/fatigue/stress. 15k is perfect for me to be very active, yet not over the top, some weeks have averaged quite a bit more than this & definitely wasn't needed. This feels perfect.

How this week landed, training legs the day after the UK finals with AJ & Loz, iv trained 4 times, here's how it went.

Tuesday 19/10/21 - chest & biceps

decline bench - top set 125kg X6 / down set 105kg X12

incline hammer strength press X2 55kg 10,8

seated cable flye - X2 22kg - 12,10RP3RP2

DB curls X2 27.5kg 10,9

Preacher machine curl #6 11,9RP2RP2

Wednesday 21/10/21 - back & Abs

Deadlift - top set 190kg X8 down set 170kg X12

Weighted pullups +25kg 9,7

seated row 120kg 11,9

V pulldowns - 90kg 11,9RP2RP2

Cable crunch 45kg 20,20,20

Friday 23/10/21 - Shoulders & Triceps

smith machine high incline press - 100kg 7, 85kg 11

DB laterals 20k - 15,15,15,15

reverse pek dek - 50kg 12,10

weighted dips +80kg 4, +60kg 11

pushdowns - 35kg 15,12,9+1

Saturday 24/10/21 - Legs (at 1 week out, the last leg session of prep)

Squat - top set 160kg X9 down set 140kg X15

Leg press - 380kg 15,12

leg extension - 70kg 13,11RP2RP2

seated leg curl 105kg 12,10

single leg curl 55kg 12,10

standing calf raise - 180kg 10,9,8,8

next week will be:

monday - chest & biceps

tuesday - back & abs (no deadlifting)

wednesday - shoulders & triceps

all workouts will be low volume & no heavy lower back loading, all leading to good recovery whilst ticking over the last few days.

I fly out with the UK team from Heathrow on Thursday morning

Friday will be checking into the show, light pump session in the hotel gym, drug testing tanning & Saturday will be SHOWTIME lets go TEAM UK!!

see you on the other side.

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