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1 week out

so... here we are, at 1 week out & finally I am satisfied with my condition going into this final week. Bodyweight is holding at 164-165lb and performance has held for another week.

A tough week with an average of 18,000 steps per day, 60 hour work week & very disrupted sleep, but I couldn't be happier with the package we are bringing in 1 weeks time.

The last week is all about recovery, which will give the body a rest & in turn, drop any inflammation & retention due to "stress"

a combination of:

  • keeping training intensity & volume down

  • keeping activity (steps) lower

  • a slight increase in food (auto-regulated based on the look, but no extremes)

bring about that finished - stress free, crisp look I aim to present next week.


knocking my training back down to my usual 3 days per week was absolutely the right decision. I sometimes get caught up with what other people are doing, but I need to keep reminding myself, what works for ME. As a result of an extra rest day, I feel fresher going into each session, fatigue is managed slightly better, and performance has increased from the previous week. What built the muscle will KEEP the muscle & this extra 3-4lb of muscle iv accumulated this offseason was built on 3 hard, heavy, intense sessions per week.

Monday 4th October - Quads/Calves/Abs

Squats - 165kg 8,6

Leg press - 365kg 11,9

Pendulum squat - 80kg 12,9

single leg extension 45kg - 14,10RP3RP2

Standing calf 180kg 12,11

Seated calf 80kg 15,12

Hanging leg raises - 5kg 15,12

Cable crunch - 52.5kg 14,10

Wednesday 6th October - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Decline bench - 125kg 8,6

High incline DB press X2 45kg 9,6

incline hammer strength press X2 45kg 10,7

seated cable flye X2 22kg 14,10RP3RP2

DB laterals X2 25kg 12,10

1 arm machine lateral 25kg 14,11

Weighted dips +60kg 10,7

Tricep extension machine - stack - 15,12

Friday 8th October - Back/Hamstrings/Calves

X2 Deadlift 190kg 8,6

X2 weighted Pullups +15kg 11,9

X2 seated row 115kg 10,9

X2 Chest support T bar high row - 60kg 10,9RP2RP2

X2 seated leg curl 105kg 11,8

X2 single leg curl 60kg 10,8

X2 DB curls X2 25kg 12,10

X2 machine preacher curl pin #5 - 12,10

In summary, whatever the outcome on Saturday I am confident I am my best & THAT was the goal from day 1. Deload training only now, time to recover & enjoy the accumulation of all this work.

see you on the other side!

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