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I am Ben Howard Pro World Champion ​Drug Free Bodybuilder.

I choose to build my physique naturally, without the use of performance enhancing drugs or steroids.

I help busy, productive professionals achieve their fitness & physique goals with more efficiency & effectiveness.

I have over 15 years of hands on experience in the fitness industry, guiding literally thousands of clients from all backgrounds achieve their health & fitness goals.

Myself & my clients produce these results using a sustainable training approach & utilizing a healthy, balanced & calorie controlled diet.

Whether your looking to lose a few pounds of bodyfat, prepare for a photoshoot or step on stage at a bodybuilding contest I can help you achieve your goals.

If your looking for results that will last a lifetime, get in touch TODAY.

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If you would like to learn more about me and my approach then please visit my blog that I update regularly

Contest History

2009 - Junior Mr Coventry

2014 - UKDFBA Novice Champion

2016 - UKDFBA Heart Of England Overall Champion

2016 - UKDFBA UK Finals, Middleweight Champion

2016 - INBF Lightweight Champion (Pro Status Achieved)

2018 - WNBF Pro International Overall Champion

2018 - WNBF Worlds Pro Lightweight World Champion 

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